Sod Harvesters

Van Vuuren has been the leading supplier of machinery for the turf industry since 1988. Our technological innovations offer our turf growers optimal results under any circumstance.

Our products
Our products

Our machines are reliable, solid, and fit any tractor. They are easy to maintain and user-friendly.

Product overview
Quality first

That’s how we supply the ultimate harvesting machines.

Service with a smile

We always go the extra mile.

Minimum costs

Big on quality, not on price.

Maximum returns

Optimal results under any condition.

Your needs are our main focus

From questions to advice and form products to service.

Innovation at every turn

Leading in technology since 1988.

Money back guarantee

We stand behind our quality. That’s why this is our promise. 


At Van Vuuren, the customer has been our focus from day one. We consider our customers our partners. We are always there for you. Please read about the experiences of turf growers who use our machines worldwide.

Mirco & Denni Scandola
Arena Prati - Verona

With the Turftick 2316 Autostacker we can serve our customers better and faster. And also important, we have invested in our health. Thanks to the
robot, no more back pain after peak days in the high season with thousands of square meters of harvest. A new dimension for our company.

Review Van Vuuren
Wilfred Pinxteren
Turf Nursery Heidehoeve

"For more than 25 years, my family business has run on the robustness of Van Vuuren machines. I can't go a day without a machine in order not to let my customers down. The ease of maintenance, fast delivery, and personal contact is crucial for me.''

Dennie (Operations Manager)
Queens Grass

''We do loads of 12 to 28 trucks with Euro pallets and 1m pallets per day. I need a robust and reliable machine that I can rely on every day. At Van Vuuren I found this. #Works for you''


"We can't work without that genius machine anymore!"

Teun Klaver
Klaver Turf

''Over the years, we have grown with Van Vuuren. We started with one TurfTick1016, we now operate with 2 new TurfTick2316 Universal Stackers making us even more efficient. This way, my sons can help me strengthen and grow our family business.''

The best sod harvesters at Van Vuuren

Grow your business with Van Vuuren’s revolutionary sod harvesters. Our professional machines will save you on labor every day. The Van Vuuren sod harvester is reliable, delivers the desired quality of turf, and is available worldwide.

Sod harvesters since 1988 at Van VuurenVan Vuuren Team

Van Vuuren Machines has been dedicated to providing every turf grower with the best possible result for harvesting turf in an easy way since 1988. We are the leading supplier worldwide for the turf industry. Van Vuuren Machines develops and builds sod harvesters to make the job easier so every turf grower can expand their business. With our various turf machines, we are pleased to offer you the solution to optimize your business operations.


Advantages of the Van Vuuren sod harvesters

sod harvesterOur sod harvesters have the following benefits:

  • Low maintenance costs
  • User-friendly
  • Efficient and ergonomic
  • Affordable, reliable, and solid



Grow your business with our range of sod harvesters

Innovate your business by choosing a sod harvester that is economical, durable, and reliable. Van Vuuren Machines focuses on its customers and wants to make the turf grower’s life easier. We supply sod harvesters build to your requirements worldwide.

Our sod harvesters are easy and efficient to operate

We offer solutions to make turf harvesting more efficient and less labor-intensive because our sod harvesters are built to make the working conditions comfortable; moreover, they are affordable and straightforward.

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Frequently asked questions

What makes your TurfTick sod harvester so special?

Our sod harvesting machines are robust, with a unique flooting cutting head, our turf harvester can be installed on a wide range of tractors, the machine has a dumping function with collector and our service is great. You can direct contact the manufacturer.

What are the biggest differences between your sod harvesters?

Our sod harvester can be operated by hand, but we also have fully automatic sod harvesting machines. Discover all our machines on the website.

Are your TurfTick turf harvester machines reliable?

Our turf harvesters are very reliable and are working in any conditions due to high-end components, robust design and 2-layer powder coating.

Which tractors do your TurfTick sod cutting machines fit on?

Almost every tractor in the world fits our turf harvester.

What kind of customer service can I expect from Van Vuuren?

Direct contact, customer-oriented, support by telephone or remote access. Short lead times for spare parts.