TurfTick® 3500 Double or Triple Stacker

Double or Triple Stacker

TurfTick® 3500 is the newest model from Van Vuuren and with an optimal capacity of 3600m2
per hour a true capacity champion. It is possible to cut rolls of 40 cm (16”) as well as 60 cm (24”) wide and because of the large gripper, each pallet is stacked per layer at the same time. This results in a stable pallet stacking process with great results.


The TurfTick®3500 ‘Triple or Double Stacker’ produces 40 cm (16’’) or 60 cm (24’’) rolls using a 15 roll gripper to stack rolls. The TurfTick®3500 ‘Triple or Double Stacker’ provides easy access to new pallets during cutting through its two pallet platforms. The dump function makes it possible to dump only the wrong rolls, thus guaranteeing the quality of the pallet without dumping good rolls. The pallet format used is:

  •     120 x 120 cm (48’’ x 48’’)

The TurfTick® 3500’s roll-up system build upon the reliable Van Vuuren roll-up system. With the long life of its conveyor belt and various options, this is a time proven system. By using a flexible rubber tray for rolling, the grass is protected from breaking. The roll-up system provides smooth, accurate and gradual rolling. The rubber roll-up gears are maintenance-free, do not wear easily and deliver top results. 

The unique feature of the TurfTick®3500 ‘Triple or Double Stacker’ is that it is possible to choose from two different modular cutting heads. The first option is the single unit cutting head. This is a cutting head with a 120 cm blade making it possible to cut 2 x 60 cm or 3 x 40 cm with the same cutting head, with the ability to change form cutting 1 size to the other within 5 minutes. The second option is the 3 unit floating cutting head. This cutting head cuts 3 x 40 cm. The three separate cutting heads provide optimal results on any type of soil. 

The control system of the TurfTick®3500 series is fully operable from the tractor with a clear 11” computer system. In addition, the TurfTick®3500 ‘Triple or Double Stacker’ has a depth control gauge so that every turf is the same thickness and the pallet therefore remains well balanced. 

Required tractor

  • 4-wheel drive tractor with at least 75HP
  • Almost all tractor brands are compatible
  • Category II three-point linkage
  • Minimum 2 single actuated hydraulic plug-ins

The TurfTick® 3500 is a trailed machine making it flexible in use and can be placed behind a tractor in a short time.


  • A mega capacity of up to 3600m2 per hour
  • Connected or disconnected from the tractor within minutes thanks to the clip-on and clip-off concept
  • Unique design with a modulair cutting head
  • Robust machine through the use of high quality iron, industrial bearings and powder coating 
  • Easy maintenance and user friendly
  • Remote control from Van Vuuren

Do you have questions about this machine?

We are happy to get in touch with you to answer questions and guide and support you in making the best choice for your business. View our product sheet for more technical information about the TurfTick®3500. If you would like more information or have any questions, please send an e-mail to info@vuuren.com or call +31 (0)30 6661348.

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