TurfTick®2516 5 Gripper Stacker

5 Gripper Stacker

TurfTick®2516 ‘Universal Stacker’, With its smart design, the TurfTick®2516 5 Gripper Stacker is able to stack five rolls at once. This results in high production capacity against low operating costs.

The TurfTick®2516 5 Gripper Stacker grows your business

TurfTick®2516 is the ultimate singel track ‘5 Gripper Stacker’. Compact, proven, universal, economical and durable, it is ideal for turf growers who require a machine that can handle a capacity of approximately 1200m2 per hour. With this ‘5 Gripper Stacker’ turf cutting machine, automated stacking is possible. Due to its compactness and time tried design, the TurfTick®2516 has less down-time v.s. other automated turf-cutting machines. This results in higher production efficiency and low operating costs. The heavy weight of the TurfTick®2516 makes it possible to harvest a constant thickness of turf rolls, even in difficult conditions. Top quality is thus achieved. In addition, this machine is designed for low maintenance costs and a long lifespan. We want to make the lives of our turf growers easier and more efficient.  This turf cutting machine is ideal for turf growers who want to (continue to) grow or innovate.

Advantages Universal Stacker

  • Produces rolls of 40cm (16”)
  • 5 rolls grab, is also programmable
  • Remote access module included
  • Various pallet sizes are stackable
  • Possibility for a palletinjector which can take up to 7 pallets
  • Simple to set up, easy to maintain and fully metric

Required tractor

  • 4-wheel drive tractor with at least 75 HP
  • Almost all brands are compatible
  • Category II three-point linkage
  • Minimum 2 single acting hydraulic plug-ins
  • See if your tractor fits the ultimate TurfTick®2516 ‘Universal Stacker’ and contact us.

Questions about this product?

We would like to get in touch with you to answer your questions and to guide and support you in making the best choice for your business. See our product sheet for more technical information about the TurfTick®2516 Universal Stacker. For more information or questions, please send an e-mail to info@vuuren.com or call +31 (0)30 6661348.

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