Van Vuuren (Turf Tick) on steam in NEW factory

Earlier this year we announced that Van Vuuren moved into a new facility in Montfoort, Province Utrecht, Netherlands. Just a short distance from our original founding ground in Harmelen.
The new facility is three time larger than the original building. The new building provides more features for employees and for production. “With the new building, we aim to enlarge our production capacity and to provide our customers with even better service. We are very happy with the new facility and look forward to welcoming our customers there.”


Turf Tick is known for its innovative and high-quality products. Turf Tick / Van Vuuren machines are developed from years of experience and sold worldwide.

Together, Nannings and Van Vuuren offer a complete and professional program, necessary for turf cultivation in all its facets. The machines are developed and produced in the business premises, now located in Monfoort. Watch for new innovative machines and applications to emerge.


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