Knives make the difference. Interview with Zhanna Rudakova

Zhanna started working for Van Vuuren in 2005. In the 17 years that Zhanna has been working for Van Vuuren, she has a lot of experience with the different knives. Van Vuuren currently has over 1000 knives in stock and Zhanna loves to tell about the different types and how to use them. 

“Van Vuuren has many types of knives in stock that can be used in all our TurfTicks and also the Kesmac/Brouwer sod harvesting machines. Which knife is most suitable depends on the soil and circumstances. With dry soil, knives always wear out faster and therefore it is better to irrigate with dry soil first. Many stones require another type of knife. The type and size of the stones are also important to know. 

The ordinary red R&R blades are the blades that are also used on several other suppliers’ turf machines. The curved R&R blades offer more resistance when working in heavy soil, such as clay, due to the ‘move’ in the blade and therefore perform better. In black soil or sand, the branded R&R blades make no difference. 

The TurfTick classic knives have a slightly different angle than the R&R knives, but from experience we know that people still strongly prefer the TurfTick knives. The bottom part of the TurfTick knives is longer than the R&R knives and therefore lasts longer. The TurfTick knives are also supplied very sharp so that the customer will get the best cutting result. 

We also have bottom knives in stock for the coulter disc system. This is the system most often used with the Universals and therefore gives by far the best cutting result. One of the advantages of these knives is that the rolls are always taut, which ensures a stable palette. In addition, the knife is double-sided and therefore lasts longer. It is easy to rotate or replace the knives in the field. However, the coulter disc system does require a heavy or weighted tractor if the customer has heavy soil such as clay, in order to achieve optimum results. 

Finally, we have the knives with fingers. Finger blades work best on stony ground.

Van Vuuren has many different knives in stock and we can help everyone get the right knife to suit the ground. Feel free to call for advice.”


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