ETP: Capacity meets Robustness

On 7 and 8 July Van Vuuren will be present at the ETP in Hannover. There will be several machines on display, including our very latest Turf Tick 3516 Triple, also known as the capacity champion. The familiar quality and productivity that you know from Van Vuuren, but then not with double, but triple capacity. This is the machine that will change the future of turf growers. 

The developments of the other machines have not been idle either and we have been busy up-scaling the capacity of the trusted Van Vuuren Turf Tick 2316 by means of a software update and are pleased to show it to you at the ETP. We have also developed a new variation on the Universal, the 2516. This is for the 1.2m / 1.2m pallet and is a real improvement in terms of capacity and now we can cut 1100 m2 per hour in optimal conditions. At the ETP we will be showing images and video’s of the 5 gripper and will be happy to discuss the possibilities. 

And that is not all! At the ETP we will also show the first sketches of our new control platform and digital auto steer system. Be welcome to see all Van Vuuren’s developments in real life and be the first to see the innovations in the field at the ETP. Book your ticket now for the ETP field day in Hannover Germany on 7 and 8 July. 

We look forward to meeting you at the ETP!

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