Van Vuuren works for you

Harmelen, NL – Turf growers worldwide face many challenges every day to reach optimal results under any circumstance. To have time to meet those challenges, they need to rely on machines that produce whenever they want to, are easy to maintain and user-friendly. Van Vuuren has been the leading supplier of machinery for the turf industry since 1988. We understand the challenges of our customers as our customer has been our focus from day one. We consider our customers our partners. Van Vuuren works for you!


Van Vuuren is growing with the developing market of turf growers worldwide. Since the beginning of this year we have strengthened our force with Robert Kroon. He has joined the management team to work on product & service development. Both new and experienced field service technicians are standby to quickly react to customer needs. Robert Kroon, General Manager of Van Vuuren: “Now we can improve the service and products for our customers on daily basis. Van Vuuren works for you, we want to put our customers first. Through serving them reliable and durable sod harvesters, we make the lives of turf growers easier.”

Satisfied customers

To improve their productivity and ergonomics, multiple customers in different countries have experienced quick turnarounds last period whilst switching to a new TurfTick 1016 sod harvester. Other customers have switched to the universal auto stacker with automatic stacking and pallet injection. Long term customers, like Wilfred Pinxsteren, have made the move to fully automated harvesting with the easy to use and Robust TurfTick 2316 Universal Stacker. Wilfred: ‘’I enjoy day by day the robustness of the machine for 26 years long, the automated stacking by the Universal Stacker makes life even more easy’’.

Speeding up harvesting

Van Vuuren works together with turf growers to get the best results for harvesting sod and make working easier. Improvement projects to increase the speed of our machines are ongoing with several customers and partners. Further developments are in process to improve the lives of our customers on daily basis.

Works for you

We deliver our sod harvesters and services worldwide. From small to large turf growers, from small projects to large projects, Van Vuuren works for you. We are proud to keep you posted on our brand new website. Read more about our sod harvesters and the experiences of turf growers with our machines on and join us on Facebook.

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